About this blog, or “Aboot” for you Canadians. (Hi, Canadians!)

Welcome to this tiny grain of sand on the ever expanding beach of blogginess! First things first, I’m super good at metaphors, as evidenced by the previous sentence. Second things second, are you still reading this? I can’t believe you’re still reading this.

This blog is basically the best blog ever, so you’re welcome. As someone pretty famous once said, “if blogging be the food of love, write on.” I’m pretty sure they were talking about me, and how my blog is as awesome as a pizza made out of donuts and dreams.

I mostly write about being a mom, being a nerd, being ok with being totally lame, food I ate, food I wish I was eating, things I make, things I want to make but am way too lazy to start, and my ever expanding pop culture obsessions. If you like reading about that stuff, rad! Welcome! If you don’t, rad! GTFO!

I do have a pretty strict “no assholes allowed” policy, as the world has plenty of those. Let’s try to keep comments/conversation positive. Or at least, don’t be a dick.

K thaaaaaanks!



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