Choke on These!

Do you want to know one of the best things about babies? You can throw anything on them, and they have to wear it. Example:

My friend (hey friend!) bought this for S because LOOK AT IT. IT IS HILARIOUS. He needs a patch that says “Otis” and he’ll be all set to change your car’s oil and use old timey words like, “dadgummit!” or “hootenanny!”

However, as your kids get older, they start to have these really obnoxious things called “opinions.” You have to let them dress themselves. (Or don’t, I’m not a cop.) And sometimes, they like to dress themselves in things that are physically painful to look at day after day after day. Thankfully, there’s a company that makes rad shirts for kids (and adults!) that A) my very opinionated seven year old loves, and B) I love to see him wear (and frankly, I want to wear, too). I first found out about Choke Shirt Company because my friend’s adorable dog Reuben Wrinkles is featured on one of their shirts. (Um, awesome.) 

Laser cats! Super Mario Bros Shrooms! I die!

Uh, they also have baby sizes. Hashtag… dangerzone (for my wallet). 

[Fun fact: trying to get a decent picture of either of my children was about as pain-free as getting a massage from a bobcat.] 

Bonus for you localvores in the PNW (West SIIIIIIIDE!) they are based out of Seattle! So you can feel all warm and fuzzy for supporting your city (or at least the one you claim to be from when an out-of-towner asks where you live).  

So as part of trying to make this blog legit, I’ve decided that once a month I’m going to do a shout out to a company/brand I love. A Shout Out of the Month. A ShOot’M, if you will. And Choke Shirts, this one’s for you. 


***Special thanks to Joe for helping me keep S from eating those post-its I used for his picture, and for not rolling his eyes when he saw I spelled “rad” with post-its. You da real MVP, Joe. 


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